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Behavior & Training Programs

ARLGP Behavior & Training Programs/Offerings:

At the ARLGP, we know that healthy pets in our community are happy pets in our community. Like humans, animal health encompasses both physical and mental wellness. Through our training and behavior department, we offer a variety of programs, guidance, and support to community members (both two and four-legged). We recognize the growing need in our community and are doing our part in helping make behavior and training services accessible to all.

Do you need training and behavior support for your pet?
Below are our current offerings and programs, designed to provide you with guidance, foundational skills, and urgent care needs. If you have questions about what type of program is best for your pet, please email us at training@arlgp.org


Please click over to our Group Training Class page to view current class offerings and to register your dog/family.


Looking for recommendations on books and materials to train your pup? Questions about our group classes and if your dog is an appropriate class candidate? Have a concern you are trying to navigate, to see if you need urgent or advanced support? Shoot our behavior and training team an email at training@arlgp.org


Do you have a specific concern you would like advice and support on? Please complete our Behavior Hotline Form and a member of our team will set-up a 30-minute phone consultation with you within 5 days.

Our Behavior Hotline is currently offered free of charge. We encourage hotline users to make a donation at the conclusion of their phone consultation to help support our training services.


Our interim one-on-one training program is designed to help families with minor behavior concerns or those who are awaiting long-term training support. While the ARLGP does not currently offer long-term one-on-one training, we know that many families are on waiting lists with local trainers for customized care. This ARLGP program aims to fill the gap or assist you in deciding if long-term support is needed (we can even recommend local trainers!).

Fee structure:

  • Initial 60-minute meeting: $95 for non-alumni, $76 for alumni
  • Follow-up 60-minute meeting: $95 for non-alumni, $76 for alumni
  • Follow-up 30-minute meeting: $50 for non-alumni, $40 for alumni

To schedule: Please complete our Behavior Hotline form to begin the process. Some cases may require an Urgent Care Behavior Consultation prior to one-on-one training.

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