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Lost and Found Pets

If your pet is missing, please call the ARLGP immediately to file a lost report.

The longer you delay, the farther from home your pet could roam and be at a greater risk of injury. We have provided some tools for you to increase your chances of a happy reunion.

Contact your local animal control officer and animal shelter

If you live in one of towns the ARLGP contracts with, give us a call immediately at (207) 854-9771 to file a lost report. Even if you suspect your pet will return, there is no harm in notifying us. If a neighbor or ACO picks your animal up and brings them to the ARLGP, we will have your lost report in our system making the reunion quick and easy.

If you do not know what shelter your town uses, ask your police department or town hall. You can also view a full list of animal control officers by town online.

Make immediate household changes

Leave something with a familiar scent on it out where your pet can find it. A litter box, pet bed or blankets are great options to leave on your porch, deck, or driveway.

Print out a flyer with your pet information and photo. Post within a two-mile radius of your home. Also distribute it to neighbors, local stores in your community and vet offices.

Post on Facebook and surf the net. Places like craigslist and local animal rescue groups will post information if an animal is found or missing.
Search your neighborhood frequently, even at night. Pets who are scared often hide during the day. Bring a flashlight and some food.

Report your missing pet to all area shelters. Animals can cover a lot of distance and may have wandered into a different town.

Submit a lost or found pet report to the ARLGP

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