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Dog Training Classes

Training and socializing is vital to a happy, well-adjusted family!

At the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland, we know that healthy pets in our community are happy pets in our community. Through our training and behavior department, we are excited to offer programs, guidance, and support to community members (both two and four-legged).


The ARLGP is excited to partner with local canine trainer, Mim Coward, to offer informational workshops and lectures for canine parents this summer. Learn more about the workshops below and follow this link to register.

PLEASE NOTE: All of these workshops are human only! We ask that you leave your doggos at home.

Dog Reactivity Workshop
Date: Sunday, August 15th, 3:30-5:30pm at the ARLGP
Description: Reactivity and aggression towards other dogs is a very common issue for many dog parents. Whether our dogs are reacting out of fear, uncertainty, frustration or territorial instincts having a dog who has reactive outbursts around other dogs can be extremely stressful. In this two hour talk we will be covering the basics of dog reactivity, what it is, why it happens and some basic tips and tricks for starting to resolve your dogs reactive issues. Register here.

Canine Body Language Workshop
Date: Sunday, August 29th, 3:30-5:30pm at the ARLGP
Description: Do you know how to speak dog? Our dogs are constantly communicating with us, but often times as humans we miss a lot of what they are telling us. During this talk you’ll learn how to really tune in to what your dog in telling you, learn to interpret your dogs interactions with other dogs and start your journey to becoming fluent in dog! Learn all about common ways dogs communicate, focusing on different areas of the body, learn about conflict avoidant behaviors such as distance increasing and decreasing cues, appeasement and displacement behaviors and so much more. Register here.



  • All classes are held at our adoption and community center, located at 217 Landing Road in Westbrook.
    • PLEASE NOTE: Masks are required to be worn inside the ARLGP facility if you are not vaccinated.
  • Class fee is $160 per dog. ARLGP alumni dogs receive 20% off all class fees (when registering alumni: please enter promo code ‘alum’ at check-out to apply your adopter discount)
  • TO REGISTER: Please follow this link to sign up for your class. We use a platform created specifically for dog training programs. You will be asked to create a custom profile of you and your dog, so we have all the essential information to get you started and maintain your family’s training records


This class is specially designed for your new puppy! We have this class on a module system so puppies (and parents) can join when they can, with the option of coming to our entire 4-week in-person series or picking the sessions that fit your schedule. In this class we discuss classic puppy problem solving topics like house training and chewing. We also work on basic puppy training techniques like coming when called, drop it, and walking on leash. And, no puppy class would be complete without games and play time!

Requirements to join Puppy Start Right:

  • Puppy parents are require to watch our one-hour orientation video from home, before attending a class
  • Puppies joining must have at least one DHHP vaccine
  • Be sure to read each class description in our drop-in series to ensure you are joining the best one for you and your puppy.

Sessions: Available on select Sundays from 9am-10am.
Age group: Puppies must be 8-17 weeks of age
Registration Open: CLICK HERE


This class is designed for puppies who are growing into mature, adult dogs. During this 5-week class, we will explore what the landscape is like as our puppies begin to mature. This can be a tricky time not just for you but for your dog. This class will follow up on some puppy problem solving topics, discuss enrichment items, impulse control, and take behaviors like downs, stays, recalls, and walking on leash to the next step.

Upcoming session: Sundays, running August 8th through September 12th, 10:30-11:30am *Skipping class on September 5th* FULL
Sundays, running September 19th through October 17th, 10:30-11:30am
Age group: Puppies must be 18 weeks-8 months of age
Registration Open: CLICK HERE

Upcoming session: Sundays, running October 24th through November 21st, 10:30-11:30am LAST ONE IN 2021
Age group: Puppies must be 18 weeks-8 months of age
Registration Closed: CLICK HERE to be placed on notification list for when registration opens.


We believe in setting dogs and owners up for success for the long haul. During our 6-week long class we will explore specific training techniques using marker training to ensure we establish a strong foundation of communication between ourselves and our dogs. We explore basic dog psychology, how marker training works, capturing, shaping, targeting, and luring behaviors, what are cues and what they mean to our dog, and the beginning stages of Problem Solving. This is a great class for those that want to establish long term communication and connection with their dog, whether your dog has done competitive obedience or struggles to sit, this is a class for all levels!

Upcoming session: Mondays, running September 13th through October 19th, 5:30-6:30pm
Age group: 6 months and up
Registration Open: CLICK HERE

Upcoming session: Tuesday, running October 26th through November 30th, 6-7pm LAST ONE IN 2021
Age group: 6 months and up
Registration Closed: CLICK HERE to be placed on notification list for when registration opens.


This is our next stage in our Clicker Training series. The Real Life Skills class is where we take the techniques we learned in our Foundations Class and apply them to real world scenarios. Over a 6 week period, the class focuses heavily on the 3 D’s, distance, duration, and distractions as they apply to your core behaviors, and how marker training works in your day to day life. Please note, in order to take this class your dog and you must have completed the Clicker Training: Foundations.

This is not a class for highly reactive dogs, not sure if your dog meets the requirements? Please email us at training@arlgp.org and we will help you determine if this is the best option for you and your dog!

Upcoming session: Mondays, running September 13th through October 19th, 7-8pm
Age group: 9 months and up LAST ONE IN 2021
Registration Open: CLICK HERE

View descriptions of other classes offered throughout the year.

Connect with our training and behavior team:

Questions about our training classes? Contact our team at training@arlgp.org or (207) 854-9771

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