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Community Service Volunteering


This program is open to students who have to meet a small amount of service hours for educational requirements. Students must be able to volunteer independently and be 16 years old (with parent/guardian approval).

Duties in this program are general shelter upkeep and assistance (laundry, dishes, donation sorting, outdoor projects, etc.) – all extremely important, high-demand jobs at the shelter. Please note there is no direct animal care involved and our onboarding process takes about two weeks. We also have a limited need for short-term volunteering and may not be able to accept all community service requests.

If you are interested in working directly with the animals and can commit to a regular, weekly shift for 6 months or more, the Shelter Helper program may be a better fit.

Please contact volunteer program staff at volunteer@arlgp.org for community service information and current openings.


We are not able to accommodate court-mandated community service at this time.

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