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Financial Assistance Programs

Listed below are groups that provide financial assistance to pet owners. These groups are external to the ARLGP, please use the website listed for the group to learn more about their programs and services.


TOWN & COUNTRY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION, PET LOAN: tcfcu.com/personal/loans/pet-loan
Town & Country offers pet loans to help cover routine veterinary care, emergency services, and adoption expenses.


BROWN DOG FOUNDATION: browndogfoundation.org
For qualified applicants that require life-saving treatment/medication

Provides grants to families who are unable to afford needed veterinary care

CARE CREDIT: carecredit.com
A credit card company specializing in healthcare, including veterinary care

CANINE CANCER AWARENESS: caninecancerawareness.org
Financial support for veterinary care for dogs with cancer whose families are financially unable to provide treatment.

DYLAN’S HEART: dylanshearts.com 
Provide families struggling financially with the funds necessary to move treatment forward in emergency or critical situations

FRIENDS & VETS HELPING PETS: friendsandvetshelpingpets.org
Assists families with financial limitations to pay for extraordinary veterinary expenses necessary to save a pet’s life

HARLEY’S HOPE FOUNDATION: harleys-hopefoundation.org/services
Assists with major or emergency veterinary care and behavioral/specialty training

HEARTS UNITED FOR ANIMALS: hua.org/911-emergency-assistance-rescue
Assists with emergency medical cases

LABRADOR LIFE LINE: labradorlifeline.org
Offers financial assistance to owners Labrador Retrievers in medical need

MAGIC BULLET FUND: themagicbulletfund.org
Provides financial assistance for canine cancer treatment

MY PET CHILD: mypetchild.com
An online directory of pet financial aid and assistance programs

PAWS 4 A CURE: paws4acure.org
Provides financial assistance to those who cannot afford veterinary care

PET ASSISTANCE, INC: petassistanceinc.org/financialaid
Helps longtime pet owners who cannot afford an exceptional problem

REDROVER: redrover.org/relief
Provides financial assistance, resources and emotional support to pet guardians struggling with economic hardship when pets are in life-threatening situations

ROSE’S FUND: rosesfund.org
Financially assists pet owners who have an animal with a good prognosis for a healthy life, but are at a financial loss

SHAKESPEARE ANIMAL FUND: shakespeareanimalfund.org
Purpose is to save lives by paying emergency veterinary bills for elderly, disbaled, returning veterans and others

STARelief: starelief.org
For pet owners in need of assistance for a pet in need of medical care or emergency boarding/foster care

THE GANDALF FUND: thegiftofsunshine.org
Provides financial assistance for working and retired assistance dogs in the event of catastrophic illness or accidental injury

THE MOSBY FOUNDATION: themosbyfoundation.org
Assists in the care of critically sick, injured, abused and neglected dogs through financial support and public education

THE PET FUND: thepetfund.com
Provides financial assistance to owners of domestic animals who need veterinary care

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