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    At the ARLGP, we know that healthy pets in our community are happy pets in our community. Like humans, animal health encompasses both physical and mental wellness. Through our training and behavior department, we offer a variety of programs, guidance, and support to community members (both two and four-legged). We recognize the growing need in our community and are doing our part in helping make behavior and training services accessible to all. Take a look at our available training classes here.

    We have amazing trainers who work hard to build a bond between you and your pets. Take a look at our trainer’s bios below.


    Emily Platt

    Emily Platt (BA, CPDT-KA) teaches group training classes at the ARLGP, such as Clicker Training Foundations, Recall Revival, and The Wonders of Walking.

    She has a BA in Communication and earned her CPDT-KA credential in 2022.

    Emily began volunteering with the ARLGP in 2016, launched her business in 2019, and began contracting with the ARLGP in 2022. In 2019 she received the ARLGP’s Golden Leash Award, which recognizes a volunteer for their outstanding dedication and commitment to working with the resident dogs.

    Emily enjoys helping families gain a deeper understanding of how their dogs think and learn, how to have mutually enjoyable walks, and other important life skills like recall. Emily is particularly passionate about helping families whose dogs struggle with reactivity on leash.



    Kathleen Haggerty

    Kathleen Haggerty (KPA CTP) teaches the Puppy 101 and Puppy 201 classes at the ARLGP on Sunday mornings.

    She completed her Dog Trainer Professional certification through Karen Pryor Academy in 2010 and has a BA in Psychology and an MA in Counseling.

    Kathleen began volunteering with the ARLGP Behavior and Training department in 2019 and received the 2020 Well-Behaved Award, which recognizes a volunteer who has had a great impact within the ARLGP Behavior and Training Program.

    She completed the Puppy Start Right for Instructors program in 2019, the Family Paws Parent Educator program in 2020, and the Shelter Playgroup Alliance Educational Program in 2022.  She is currently working toward her CPDT-KA credential.

    Kathleen especially enjoys helping her class members navigate the exciting and challenging time of having a new puppy in the family.


    Amber Zawrotny

    Amber Zawrotny (CPDT-KA & CGC Evaluator) is our Behavior & Training Manager.

    With a decade of animal welfare experience ranging from bottle-feeding kittens to behavior modification across species as small as rats and as large as horses, she finally decided to specialize in educating pet owners on how to form the best possible relationship with their pets.

    Amber has been at ARLGP since January 2023. Prior to her time here she contributed to animal shelters in New Hampshire, Washington State, and Connecticut. Her experience across the country has given her ample perspective on the human-animal bond and specifically in shelter dogs’ needs.

    Amber runs our Puppy Power Hour, assesses and creates plans for the shelter dogs, holds private consults, and is always thinking of what we can offer to help you strengthen the relationship with your dog.