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Thank you. You Made the Match…

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Thanks to the many pet lovers who Made the Match by making generous gifts to match the IDEXX challenge this fall.

You make a difference to over 4,200 pets that have arrived at the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland (ARLGP) so far this year, already more animals than we saw in the entire year in 2016.

Most recently, you have helped nearly 100 pets impacted by 2017 hurricanes. Rescuing these animals from Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and southern states will continue over the next weeks and months – and your gift means they will find shelter, kindness, and new homes in Maine. It wouldn’t be possible without you.

You help us tell the story of saving lives.

Every gift means that orange tiger-cat Dougie can find a loving family after finding fame on social media. Every gift means that a colleague can foster Annabelle and her newborn pups until they are ready to be adopted. Every gift means that you give medical care to Ty and Teddy so their new lives will be long and healthy. Every gift means that a youngster in your neighborhood can learn to treat animals humanely, and has an opportunity to discover a career in animal welfare.

Thank you for making animals a priority, for making sure that all pet companions in the community have a resource for helping animals in need, and for making the commitment to save lives with us.


Patsy Murphy
Executive Director