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For media questions and inquiries, please contact Jeana Roth at (207) 517-3932 or jroth@arlgp.org


Wednesday, 7/28/17: NECN: Dogs from Puerto Rico get second chance
Tuesday, 7/25/17:
WGME: 11-year-old volunteers his time to make a difference at ARLGP
Tuesday, 7/25/17:
WGME: Cape Elizabeth hotel makes adopting a dog easy
Tuesday, 7/25/17:
WGME: Family adopts dog after being saved for South Korean meat farm
Tuesday, 7/25/17:
WGME: Fur-Ever Friend
Monday, 7/24/17:
The Dodo: Puppy with a heart defect looking for home
Friday, 7/21/17:
WGME: Dog with heart condition ready for adoption
Saturday, 7/7/17:
WCSH6: Fetch ME a Home
Tuesday, 6/27/17: WGME: Fur-Ever Friend
Tuesday, 6/20/17: WGME: Cleaning company to collect supplies for shelter
Saturday, 6/17/17:
WCSH6: Fetch ME a Home
Thursday, 6/15/17: Keep Me Current: TD Affinity Membership Program
Friday, 6/9/17: WGME: Animal Refuge League’s Fur Ball breaks fundraising record
Friday, 6/7/17: WGME: Fur Ball to support Animal Refuge League Friday night in Portland
Wednesday, 5/31/17: WCSH6: Dogs bred for food in South Korea get second chance
Tuesday, 5/16/17: WGME: Fur-Ever Friend
Tuesday, 4/11/17: WGME: Fur-Ever Friend
Thursday, 4/6/17: Keep Me Current: Tees get A+ as animal shelter fundraiser
Tuesday, 4/3/17: WGME: Puerto Rican dogs up for adoption in Portland

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