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During our public closure, the ARLGP is using an online first-come/first-serve adoption application process through a platform called Waitwhile.

If you are interested in adopting an animal that is listed on our website, please read the process information below and use the links at the bottom of the page to proceed in starting the adoption counseling process for the cat, dog or critter you are interested in learning more about.

Website/Waitwhile Process:

  • Newly available animals are posted on our website every evening. You can check our website after 7pm daily to view all animals available for adoption the following day.
    • Dogs are listed here
    • Cats are listed here
    • Small animals and birds are listed here
  • Each morning at 10am an online waitlist will open for animals available that day. You can follow the links below to sign up on our waitlist to be placed “in line” for a phone counseling session.
    • Please note: our wait lists are closed weekly on Wednesday
  • The waitlists will close when 10 people are signed up/in line and will open back up as people are served. If the waitlist is closed when you attempt to sign up, please continue to refresh the page as a spot will eventually open.
  • The waitlists will close daily at 2pm to serve everyone still signed up/in line. They will reopen again the next morning at 10am.
  • Animals are first-come/first-served, so we cannot guarantee a specific animal will be available when your session begins. You can keep an eye on our available pet webpages. As animals are adopted, they will be removed from the website (remember to refresh).
    • If you are only interested in one specific animal and that animal is removed from the website, you should cancel your spot in line.
  • You will be able to see the estimated wait time when you join the waitlist. You will also receive a link via text and email that will allow you to see updated wait time estimates.
  • You will receive auto-alerts via text and email when you are #1 in line and 10 minutes before the counselor will be calling you for your adoption counseling session.

Animal Meet & Greets:

  • For cats and small animals: Currently, to maintain social distancing in our facility, we are limiting in-person meet-and-greets to cats and small animals that have special needs or special adoption placement requirements. For the majority of cats, kittens, and small animals, you will decide to adopt during your phone counseling session and a time for curbside pick-up will be scheduled within 24 hours.
  • For dogs: if you decide you are still interested in meeting a dog after your counseling session, your adoption counselor will schedule a meet-and-greet for you at the shelter. The meet-and-greet will be scheduled within 24 hours of your counseling session. Adopters should be prepared to finalize the adoption and bring the dog home at the time of the meet-and-greet if you decide the dog is right for your family.

Waitlist Sign Up Links:

  • Sign up on our waitlist for a cat or small animal here
  • Sign up on our waitlist for a dog here