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Meet Yuko, a Very Special Puppy

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Yuko at the ARLGP

A very special puppy will be available Friday, July 21st, when we open at 11am.

Meet Yuko. Yuko was found by our rescue partner All Sato Rescue as an abandoned puppy with 3 siblings in Puerto Rico in March. They were young and in rough shape. All Sato Rescue immediately placed them in a foster home so they could receive medical attention and lots of TLC.

After a few weeks in foster care, Yuko’s foster mom began noticing unusual behavior. His breathing and heart rate seemed irregular and he was frequently fatigued, even after napping. A chest x-ray with their veterinarian showed a birth defect in Yuko’s heart. Without heart surgery, it was determined Yuko would likely not survive to see adulthood.

Yuko’s foster family started a GoFundMe campaign to help raise the $5,000 needed to provide him with life-saving heart surgery. More than 100 supporters from across the country contributed, and Yuko successfully underwent heart surgery in April. After two months of recovery in his foster home, Yuko made the big trip to Maine and is finally ready to paw off with his new family here at the ARLGP.

Yuko in Puerto Rico

Adopters interested in offering Yuko a new, loving home must be aware of his unique medical condition. While Yuko is expected to live a healthy life, he will require regular veterinary check-in’s that will go above and beyond the average canine physical exam. Further testing or diagnostics may be required as Yuko grows and ages into a mature canine.

Yuko is also a puppy, at just 6 ½ months old. Like all puppies, Yuko will require obedience training, potty training, socialization and enrichment. We ask that potential adopters be able to provide Yuko with these necessities so that he continues to grow into a happy and healthy canine companion.

Yuko at the ARLGP

As always, adoptions at the ARLGP are performed on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are interested in meeting Yuko and talking with an adoption counselor about providing him with a home, we encourage you to come to the ARLGP Friday. While we open our doors at 11am, a line often forms when many families are interested in a particular animal. We will post a sign-in sheet on our front door to monitor potential adopters and their spot in line. Please note: you must be present to hold your place in line.

We want to extend a very heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported Yuko’s journey, especially All Sato Rescue. We are proud to partner with ASR to save the lives of animals in need.


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