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Hurricane Update: Irma and our Puerto Rico Partners

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As you may likely know, the ARLGP has a strong, life-saving partnership with the Puerto Rican rescue group, All Sato Rescue (ASR). We are in close communication with ASR to resume the travel of satos from PR to the ARLGP as soon as it is safe to do so.

We have been notified that most of the ASR rescuers are without power, and spent many days leading up to Irma rescuing as many animals as they possibly could. They are making updates through their facebook page to let followers know how their foster-based rescue is doing throughout the storm.

We are also continuing our conversations with partners on the ground in Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana who are working through the post-Harvey impact. It is important to note that this process will unfold over many weeks and months. The moving of adoptable pets from shelters is the first priority, as well as reunification of stray/lost pets with their families.

Each receiving state also has unique animal importation and vaccination requirements, which must also be followed during disaster situations like Harvey and Irma. As soon as animals are properly vet-checked, vaccinated and are compliant with Maine importation requirements and ready to move our way, we will let you know.

We very much appreciate those who have reached out to help us help animals impacted by these storms. We will continue to keep you posted as animals make their way to the ARLGP. We are proud to be a safety net for animals in need, and we are confident this supportive and generous community will welcome them whole-heartedly.

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How can you help?

Learn about becoming an ARLGP foster family. Our network of foster families is a lifeline to the ARLGP in situations like Harvey and Irma. Learn more about our foster program now >

Adopt a pet. If you have been considering the addition of an animal to your family, there is no better time than now. Animals adopted from our facility help clear up kennels and space for new animals to arrive through our partners in the south. To learn about our adoption process and to see available animals in need of homes, visit arlgp.org.