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Doggie DNA Day

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Join us for our Doggie DNA Day!

Curious what breeds are in your pup? Here’s your chance to find out! Hundreds of dogs are adopted through the ARLGP every year, and almost each and every one is a mix of breeds. Join us for our Doggie DNA Day and officially find out what your canine consists of.

Event date: Saturday, September 29th
Event time: 10am-noon (each participant is pre-assigned a 15 minute appointment)
Event location: ARLGP clinic
Cost: $100/dog



  • Register online today and sign up for a 15-minute session
  • ARLGP Kennel Technician will swab the inside of your dog’s mouth
  • Your pup’s DNA will be mailed overnight to Wisdom Panel’s lab
  • Within two weeks you will receive a profile of your dog’s DNA via email from the ARLGP

What is Wisdom Panel? Wisdom Panel has been a strong advocate in the field of genetics for nearly a decade starting with the funding of the initial canine genomics project in 1999. Wisdom Panel features the largest breed database on the market—more than 250 breeds, types and varieties. Their patented technology has helped more than 650,000 dog owners learn valuable information about their four-legged family members as well as contribute to the research and detection of diseases in all dogs.

Questions? Connect with our event coordinator, Sara Levesque, at slevesque@arlgp.org or (207) 517-3936.