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Caravan of Cuddles

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Caravan of Cuddles: workplace visits from our four-legged friends

Looking for a fun holiday experience for your office and colleagues? Want to save lives with the ARLGP? Schedule our Caravan of Cuddles and an envoy of kittens or puppies will visit your business this holiday season.

Open to companies in the Greater Portland area, visits can be scheduled Monday, December 17th through Friday, December 21st. Guaranteed to bring happiness this holiday season! Each Caravan of Cuddles visit will include an ARLGP staff or volunteer and bring a group of puppies or kittens (your choice). Visits can be scheduled for 30-minute or 1-hour intervals.

Why join the Caravan of Cuddles? We love animals (isn’t that obvious?), and spreading the joy of our furry friends this holiday season makes us very happy ARLGP-ers. Plus, your scheduling of a cuddle session supports our life-saving work and the 5,000 pets that depend on our services every year. We think it’s a win-win for all.


Cuddle fees:
30-minute visit: $250
1-hour visit: $500

Days available: our 2018 Caravan of Cuddles has sold-out! Thank you to the businesses who registered, we are excited to bring holiday cuddles to your office!

How to schedule your visit
Complete our online request form with your desired visit day and time. Amount of visits are limited due to staffing, so our online request form will be disabled when spots are full. Your businesses will be notified within 7 business days of form submission of your visit details. Business requests we are not able to accommodate will receive a refund of their payment. Please note: businesses must have a suitable indoor room with doors for visits to take place.

How many kittens and puppies will you bring? The number of kittens and puppies will depend on the quantity we have in the shelter at the time of the event. We expect to bring 2-3 puppies and 3-6 kittens to each location.

Can I adopt a kitten or puppy that I meet during a visit at my business? We anticipate the animals joining the Caravan of Cuddles will be adoptable at the ARLGP the weekend following our visits (December 22nd and/or December 23rd). We encourage anyone interested in adopting to check our website for most up-to-date availability. Holds and adoptions will not be available during the visits.

My business can’t participate, how else can I support the ARLGP during the holiday season? Many workplaces hold donation drives to fulfill our holiday wishes. Print our wish list off our website, stage collections boxes throughout the office. Schedule a visit to the ARLGP with your colleagues to deliver your gifts and take a tour of our new facility.