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Other Training Offerings

  • Classes are held at our adoption and community center, located at 217 Landing Road in Westbrook OR via Zoom
  • TO REGISTER: Please follow this link to sign up for your class. We use a platform created specifically for training programs. You will be asked to create a custom profile of you and your pet, so we have all the essential information to get you started and maintain your family’s training records
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Is your dog bored, getting into things, or constantly looking for something to do? Or maybe you just want to make sure you’re giving your dog the most enriched life, beyond their wildest dreams. We have the seminar for you!

Kathleen Haggerty, KPA-CTP will be presenting on the many different types of enrichment our dogs need and crave in everyday life, and how you can achieve this even on a budget.

This seminar will be held in our Community room here at the ARLGP and will be roughly 60 minutes followed by exclusive access to the presentation even after it’s done.

Session: July 8th at 10am
Kathleen Haggerty 
Registration fee:
$20 per person





Training isn’t just a dog’s world! Did you know that your cat can be trained through positive reinforcement to do just about anything a dog can?

This four-week course is designed to be a fun-filled experience for you and your cat. Clicker training is a great way to create a bond with your feline companion and start troubleshooting common household issues like trouble loading into carriers, scratching at your furniture, and more. Is there a certain room you want your cat to prefer to be in? We’ve got you. Do you want your cat to have some party tricks? Yep, we’ve also got you. Do you simply want your shy/fearful cat to be OK with petting? No problem!

This course will be held via Zoom, as cats do best in a predictable and familiar environment. Everyone has different goals, and we will meet you where you and your feline friend are at. We welcome tiny terrors and cautious calicos of all ages.

Sessions: Tuesdays July 11th through August 1st at 7pm on Zoom
Age group: 
All ages
 Amber Zawrotny
Registration fee:
$100 for 4 weeks (ARLGP alumni cats receive 20% off all class fees. When registering alumni: please enter promo code ‘alum’ at check-out to apply your adopter discount)


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