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Meet the magnificent Zelda! Zelda came to the ARLGP from Montreal, where breed specific legislation was recently passed banning the placement of pit bulls in the city. We were happy to welcome Zelda to the ARLGP to help her find her new family.

What’s the best thing about Zelda? HER LOVE OF BALLS. This girl goes gaga over balls. Tennis balls, bouncy balls, squeaky balls – you name it. She loves them so much we decided to make Zelda her very own ball pit, and it was ball heaven.
What kind of home is Zelda looking for? Well, she loves children and seems to enjoy the company of other canines. At 7, she’s a bit of an older gal who still loves to get her zoomies out on walks and runs. And that’s a good thing, because this little hippo-dog-a-mus could shed a few pounds to be her happiest and healthiest.
So, if you are looking for a great family dog, come on in and meet our amazing Zelda. (Lifetime supply of balls included.)