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Adopt Sumac

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The sweetest snuggler in the world? Sumac.

You’ve likely seen our sweet and happy boy, Sumac. He arrived to the ARLGP the end of January from a partner rescue in Puerto Rico. Did you know Puerto Rico shelters have a 99% euthanasia rate? Yes, you read that correctly, 99%. And as a mostly blind and deaf dog, Sumac’s trip to the ARLGP literally saved his life. Now, we’re asking for your help in his next chapter.

What is so amazing about Sumac? Everything. This boy lights up when he sees the shadow of a person in front of his kennel door. His tail wags, his whole body wiggles. He knows your presence means all of the good things: a walk outdoors, a snuggle session, or even better, tasty treats or a brand new toy. He walks great on a leash, he does terrific in a crate when his people aren’t home, he also enjoys the company of kids and other dogs (as long as they are respectful, of course). We cannot say enough wonderful things about him.

So, why has it taken so long to find Sumac his new home? Because we’re looking for a bit of a needle in a haystack. Being mostly blind and deaf, not every family is able to provide him with the calm and easy-going environment Sumac would do best in. We also know that Sumac’s extended exposure to sun in Puerto Rico, combined with his white fur, led to the development of pre-cancerous tumors on his skin. What does that mean? Sumac’s new family will need to continue regular check-in’s with their veterinarian to monitor any further development.

That’s a lot, we know. But what we also know is this: we live in a very special place. A community of caring people who regularly support shelter pets by adopting and donating to their care. We feel confident that there is a very special family in our community who will provide Sumac with the affectionate and attentive home he so desires.  They will accept his differences and love him even more. We know that finding this family is hard work, and we’ve been diligent and patient. We are whole-heartedly committed to him because honestly, who can resist this beautiful, happy boy?

Could this home be you? If you’re even slightly interested in learning more about Sumac, the best thing in the world to do is stop by to meet him! No pressure at all, just pop in and let us know you’d like to spend some time with Su. We’ll put you in a big play yard, and you can get to know him. He loves a good toy session in the yard with new friends.

And if his home isn’t yours, that’s ok too. But maybe, just maybe, you know someone that might like to hear about Sumac or meet him. If you know that someone, forward this email along. Or just text them this photo (he’ll happily share his kisses, too):