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12 Saves of Christmas: Zippy and Zoe, #7

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Every year we countdown 12 very special adoption stories through our 12 Saves of Christmas series. Starting today, each day we will post a new adoption story on our website. Be sure to check in daily as we get closer to announcing our #1 on Christmas day.

Zippy and Zoe, a bonded pair of 15-year-old siblings, first arrived to us in September of 2017. Because of their medical needs and their general shy and reserved nature, they waited patiently for nine months before getting adopted. They spent nearly two years in a loving home, but because of some life changes, they returned to our care this June.

Now, at 17-years old, we knew it would be harder to find them a home to spend their final chapter in. Our feline team thought creatively about how we could showcase the duo, to help find an adopter. One of our feline caregivers had the idea of throwing them an official 17th birthday party, and that we did! Complete with balloons, party hats and a custom-made Friskies birthday cake, they enjoyed their celebratory day of being spoiled. We took photos and sent them out in our weekly Saturday Morning Mews-letter and posted them on Facebook, and sure enough a local woman named Christie saw them and had to come meet them. Upon arrival, it as love at first sight and our team celebrated knowing this was the life Zippy and Zoe so much deserved.

Since adoption, we are sad to report that Zippy has passed away. But our hearts are full knowing he spent his last few weeks being loved. Christie feels the same: “Zippy was very happy in his last month of life, always purring. Zoey is the same, loves her teddy bear that my sister grew up with. The holidays are special because they have a home in their last few months of life.”

This holiday season, we are extra thankful to our adopters who open up their homes to senior pets. Adopting a senior is hard, knowing the time you have with your new pet is shorter. But, the love that seniors provide is completely fulfilling and rewarding. We are grateful Zippy and Zoe found the home they were looking for.