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12 Saves of Christmas: Zippy, #10

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Every year we countdown 12 very special adoption stories through our 12 Saves of Christmas series. Each day we will post a new adoption story on our website. Be sure to check in daily as we get closer to announcing our #1 on Christmas day.

In January, Zippy the guinea pig came to us as a local surrender. He had a severe skin infection, which our veterinary team determined was likely due to a vitamin C deficiency through poor diet. For nearly a month our small animal team took care of Zippy, bathing him and making sure he was getting a healthy diet and lots of R&R. Then came February, and Zippy was ready for adoption.

What we love about Zippy’s story is the type of home he got. Erin, a parent at Cumberland Community Nursery School came to visit Zippy and adopted him as a class pet. Erin says that Zippy’s arrival to school on his first day was very exciting, as he had a class of 3-5 year old’s eagerly awaiting his arrival!

Since adoption, the students take turns caring for Zippy. Making sure he has food, water, love and attention. This serves an even greater purpose: the kids are learning how to responsibly care for a pet. We call that a win-win all around!

“Zippy has made a connection with each student at our school. Each morning, the child¬†helper of the day is responsible for feeding and caring for Zippy. He also spends long weekends and holidays with families from the school, so he is always with loved ones.¬†Zippy is loving his new home! Throughout the day, Zippy enjoys a variety of snacks from many friends, and loves to be brushed as part of his beauty ritual.”

And, this holiday season one lucky family from school will host Zippy as an extended guest until school resumes. He’ll be treated like holiday royalty!