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12 Saves of Christmas: Wings of Rescue, #4

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Every year we countdown 12 very special adoption stories through our 12 Saves of Christmas series. Each day we will post a new adoption story on our website. Be sure to check in daily as we get closer to announcing our #1 on Christmas day.

On October 4th we welcomed more than 50 cats and dogs displaced by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas via Wings of Rescue (WOR). Our third partner mission with WOR, the charter flight landed at Portland International Jetport carrying the lives of animals rescued, abandoned and surrendered when the islands were demolished this summer.

Duke the dog arrives to Maine via Wings of Rescue.

On the flight was a cat named Nancy, found by a man named Cory, a search and rescue specialist deployed to the island to help in post-hurricane relief efforts. He fed her for days until he was able to place her with an animal welfare group working on the island.

After hearing that Nancy was flown to the ARLGP on WOR, Cory reached out to see if he could officially adopt Nancy. We provided her with medical care, made sure she was healthy, and sent her on her second journey, to Virginia, where Cory welcomed her home. Cory remembers how all the pieces fell into place to get Nancy home to his family: “There were so many moving parts and so many things that could have prevented her from coming to live with us but it all worked out with a lot of people’s help. I guess it was just meant to be!”

And, Nancy is keeping Santa on his toes this year: “We already have her stocking hung by the fireplace waiting for Santa. Hopefully, she doesn’t attack the tree when we put it up.” We couldn’t be happier for both of them.

Also on this flight was a bonded pair of terrier mixes named Duke and Duchess. Siblings, they were surrendered to an island shelter when their owner’s home was demolished, and they could no longer care of the dogs. Upon arrival to the ARLGP we were committed to keeping them together, as they were strongly bonded to one another.

When Mandy and her family came to visit, they were just looking for one dog. But after learning about Duke and Duchess’ story, she knew what they had to do, and their lives are different now because of it: “Duke and Duchess are super cuddle bugs and seem to know just when to curl up beside you. They have also encouraged/required us to spend more time outside and walking. They offer a sense of protection and concern, even from the first few days. They also just make us smile and laugh a lot whether Duke is chasing a football or Duchess is licking your face to say good morning. Our whole family smiles a lot more.”

And, their family Christmas list now includes lots of things for their new canine family members: “It’s funny that as I wrote my Christmas list this year most of my thoughts involved the dogs. A fence for the backyard, a light so I can see them at night, obedience classes, and of course personalized ornaments and stockings for Christmas. I’m excited to take them Christmas tree hunting with us and watching how they react to snow. Our family has grown this year and we are so blessed.”
We are thankful for our partnership with our fellow life-saving organization, Wings of Rescue. Next week we excitedly welcome another plane full of animals in need of our team and community, more details to come!