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12 Saves of Christmas: Rocko, #3

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In June, a 12-year-old cat named Rocko came to the ARLGP with symptoms of a urinary issue. He was straining to use a litter box and appeared to be in pain. We had x-rays performed and we found several bladder stones, requiring immediate surgery to remove. Rocko was in our care for nearly two months while his health improved and he healed. During that time our team took excellent care of him, and grew to love him immensely.

It generally takes us a bit longer to find a home for senior pets. And at 12, with his medical history, it took six weeks before Thomas and Tara visited and fell in love with our sweet boy.

“There was something about his energy and adorable grumpy face that drew us to him. When the staff member opened his cage door, he looked up and outstretched his paw. It was love at first paw-touch. When we said we wanted to adopt him, the staff member threw her hands in the air and was so excited for Rocko! We knew that the staff loved him, and seeing their reaction made us realize he was very special.”

We knew Rocko needed a stress-free, calm home environment to continue to flourish. And, that’s exactly what Tara and Thomas have given Rocko.

“We love having Rocko around, he brings a wonderful energy to our home. We both have stressful jobs and coming home, seeing his cute face meowing at the front door, then following us around and cuddling up on the couch is heart-warming. There is nothing like a pet’s affection and friendship to make you realize the important things in life. Being a senior cat, we wanted to make sure we were the right fit for him too. Rocko needed a quiet place to live in solitude and we wanted to provide him a peaceful “retirement home”. He is doing incredibly well. We can tell that he loves to live in our house, and he shows us lots of love to prove it.”

We’re so happy Rocko found the family he needed for his next chapter in life! Rocko’s parents want all potential adopters to know the joys of welcoming a senior animal into your home:

“For a while it seemed funny for people to say that their adopted pet “chose them”, but we experienced it first-hand. We wanted to be realistic and make sure that we were the right people for whatever pet we adopted. We feel like meeting Rocko was meant to be, and it took a few visits to the ARLGP to find him, but we did. It’s so important for the animal to be a good match. If the animal is a good match, they will show their gratitude and you can be at peace knowing you’ve provided a good life for an animal that deserves what it needs to thrive. We hope everyone will consider adopting senior animals!”

Yay, Rocko! 🙂 We couldn’t be happier for you…