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12 Saves of Christmas: Mason, #5

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Every year we countdown 12 very special adoptions through our 12 Saves of Christmas series. Check in each day as we get closer to announcing our #1 on Christmas day.

In February we welcomed a bun named Mason to the ARLGP. He was a long-term resident at a fellow Maine shelter, and we thought we could give him a chance to find a family here in our neck of the woods.

This all white lop mix was a hoot! He was as laid back as rabbits come. He’d run around his playpen for some exercise and then take a long nap session in a perfectly selected spot of comfort. We knew he would be great with children too, as our humane education team frequently used Mason for field trips to schools.

Well, every Friday morning at the ARLPG we hold toddler story time. For an hour each week we welcome dozens of toddlers with their families to come explore the shelter, meet animals and read stories. It is a highlight for many of us each Friday! Madison and her daughter, Fe, were almost always in attendance. In fact, that’s exactly how Mason, Madison and Fe met:

“My daughter’s favorite days last year were Friday’s and she was particularly fond of the critter room. Felicia always made sure she got to hold one of the little animals and that’s how Mason ended up coming home with us. We knew we wanted a bunny and Mason was too sweet to ignore!”

Since arriving home, Mason has made himself comfortable in no time. His family even planted a summer vegetable garden!

“He’s so much fun. My daughter’s favorite thing this summer was starting a vegetable garden with her dad and feeding Mason allllll the treats. His favorite spot is in our garden!”

And, we know Mason will be spoiled next week with lots of love under the Christmas tree!