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12 Saves of Christmas: Luna, #11

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Every year we countdown 12 very special adoption stories through our 12 Saves of Christmas series. Starting today, each day we will post a new adoption story on our website. Be sure to check in daily as we get closer to announcing our #1 on Christmas day.

In August, Luna arrived to the ARLGP from a partner Maine shelter. Through our safety net program, we welcome animals from across the state and country and find them homes in our community.

Luna arrived to us with a pretty bad upper respiratory infection. Our veterinary team also observed that she likely had experienced the loss of a litter. We took great care of her and made sure she was healthy and ready for adoption.

On the 24th of August, a woman named Lynette from Florida was in Maine visiting a friend in Bangor. She decided to stop by to see our new facility before flying home. We’ll let Lynette tell you the rest:

“I was in town from Miami visiting a friend in Bangor. We were in Portland for the day, and he was talking about how great ARLGP is. We decided to stop by, and I unexpectedly fell in love with Luna. I ended up flying back to Miami while continuing to think about Luna non-stop, by the time I landed I knew I wanted to adopt her and bring her home. I called the next day as soon as ARLGP opened and asked if Luna was still available for adoption. Thankfully, she was, and I was able to put her on hold for 24 hours. So, I booked the first flight out of Miami the next morning back to Bangor and called my friend and said, “guess what?” He was amazing and agreed to pick me up at Bangor airport and promptly drive me to Portland to adopt Luna. We made it with 1 hour to spare before closing!”

We love nothing more than when love at first meet (or paw, or purr) happens in our shelter. Since her big flight south, this Mainer cat is settling in just fine as a new Floridian.

“Luna is such a great companion and animated addition to the family. She is a furry alarm clock who wakes me up promptly at 5:30am with a paw on my face and a sandpaper lick across my nose and cheeks. Persistently, until breakfast is served. We are working on understanding daylight savings time which is now 4:30am. Luna is doing just great and loving her new Miami apartment in the sky. We are on the 60th floor, and she enjoys spending her day sleeping by the window while intermittently watching hawks and planes fly by.”

Luna will be ringing in the holidays greeting family and friends! “Luna has such a sweet disposition and enjoys meeting people. She runs to the door when guests arrive and greets everyone. My friends have asked if she knows she is a cat. She will be our animated holiday greeter this year!”

Join us in wishing Luna and her mom the happiest of holidays—in the sunshine!