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12 Saves of Christmas: Kevin, #9

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Every year we countdown 12 very special adoptions through our 12 Saves of Christmas series. Check in each day as we get closer to announcing our #1 on Christmas day.

In early April we welcomed a white dove named Kevin. And, from the moment he entered the ARLGP, he didn’t stop talking. The chattiest of birds we’ve ever met, Kevin had a lot to say (at all hours of the day!).

We set him up in our humane education classroom (because kids love chatty birds!). Even with the doors shut, we could hear Kevin whistling and cooing from the opposite end of the shelter. It was something we grew to smile about, because it meant Kevin was one happy dove. He also loved flying at full speed around the room, and perching on someone’s shoulder as a rest stop. He was funny and charismatic, we knew he’d find a home in no time.

By the end of April, Kevin had cooed his way into the hearts of a visiting mom and daughter duo, Gretchen and Audrey. In fact, they enjoyed the company of Kevin so much that they even came back and adopted one of our paw-some bunnies, Dudley. Now, they are BFF’s!

“(We fell in love with) his cute little bird face. We saw his picture on the website and knew we had to meet him! He has made us very happy and we like to hear him coo – especially at dawn – he likes to usher in the day.

He has been doing well, he is quite spoiled with a 6 ft flight cage all to himself, not to mention that he often gets to fly about the room. His photo will be proudly included in all of our holiday cards! I am not sure that he understands that it is the holiday season…”

We’re so happy that Dudley and Kevin now have Gretchen and Audrey to call their family.