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12 Saves of Christmas: Claire, #8

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Every year we countdown 12 very special adoption stories through our 12 Saves of Christmas series. Starting today, each day we will post a new adoption story on our website. Be sure to check in daily as we get closer to announcing our #1 on Christmas day.

Claire the cat arrived to us in our very first transport with our Oklahoma-based rescue partner, SPACAR. Claire’s back story was unique, she was displaced during the historic flooding that swept through Tulsa in late spring.

Claire is also FeLV positive. This means that Claire has feline leukemia, a virus that is permanent and can be transferred to other felines through saliva. Because of this diagnosis, Claire needs to be kept isolated from other cats. With so many animals in Oklahoma shelters in need of loving homes, FeLV also lessened Claire’s likelihood of getting adopted.

We welcomed Claire to the ARLGP on June 10th. The ARLGP has great success in placing FeLV kitties into homes because of how supportive our community of adopters is. While it generally takes longer for a special needs animal to be adopted, we know that they will absolutely end up as a family member.

It took just over two months for Claire to go home. Every summer we participate in the national adoption event, Clear the Shelters. And guess what? At this year’s event, Claire was the very first to go home! We celebrated big, with smiles and tears across the shelter. Her family (Christian, Ali, Bill, Gigi, and Mousse) remembers it well:

“The very best part of our adoption day experience was the reaction of the staff when we announced that we were choosing Claire, or rather that she had chosen us. It was then that they told us how hopeful they had been that Claire would finally find a family after spending months in a shelter. Several staff members came up to say goodbye to her, and one even cried and hugged us. It was clear that Claire was a real favorite of her caretakers, and now that she has been with us, we know why. She truly is a special cat!”

Their family also committed to giving Claire the life she deserves, however long that may be:

“We knew Claire had to come home with us when we learned of her backstory. Rescued from the floods in Oklahoma, Claire was sent to Maine to give her the best chance of finding a family. Because she was positive for feline leukemia, many other potential adopters had passed her by. And, because of her status, she had to be completely isolated from the other cats. Although she had the very best possible home at the shelter filled with toys and her own cat tree, we couldn’t stand the idea of such an obviously social cat living in isolation. We knew we couldn’t leave her there, and we agreed that for however long Claire remains healthy and happy she will have a home with us where she will be spoiled and loved.”

Claire took no time settling into her new digs, and we’re thrilled that she has the space to be happy and thrive.

“Claire makes us laugh every single day! She is spunky and high spirited in the best possible way. Finally having the freedom to run and explore, she takes full advantage and has claimed every room in our home as her own. Although she is strictly an indoor cat, she does have a safe, supervised outdoor space on the second story deck and she LOVES it. Catching falling leaves and chattering at birds are her favorite things. When she isn’t in play mode, she is extremely affectionate and sweet. No one is immune to her head butts and purrs including her new brother, Mousse, our Shih Tzu. We think she is very happy to have an animal friend, and they are absolutely adorable together! We were amazed at how quickly they formed a bond and how readily they accepted each other.”

And, the holidays will be a little brighter thanks to this spunky cat:

“There will definitely be more presents under the tree this year, tagged for our Claire! Claire reminds us every day to be grateful for good health, family, and love!”