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12 Saves of Christmas: Beetle, #6

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Every year we countdown 12 very special adoptions through our 12 Saves of Christmas series. Check in each day as we get closer to announcing our #1 on Christmas day.

In September, a senior lab named Beetle came to us in search of a new beginning. At 8-years-old, Beetle arrived in need of medical care. He had some lumps and bumps typical for an aging dog that needed to be biopsied, as well as advanced dental disease that required significant attention. Our veterinary team took excellent care of him, making sure he was a healthy boy prior to adoption day.

Beetle was a lovebug, to say the least. Spending almost one month in our care, our team absolutely adored him. His big, yellow lab head was always smiling and his tail was always wagging. He just loved life, and we were excited to give him his next chapter.

Almost a month to the day after his arrival, Beetle met his new dad, Greg. Greg visited our website that morning and saw Beetle’s sweet face. And as Greg puts it, that was the beginning of newfound friendship. A friendship Greg waited a very long time for:

“When I saw Beetle on your website he looked very sweet and when I met him at the shelter he certainly was. Within about three minutes I knew I wanted to take him home, I just felt that way and trusted my inner voice. I have been without a dog for thirteen years because I mourned for my last dog and I knew it was time for another dog to be in my life. Beetle and I bonded within four hours and he has lit up my heart again in every way a dog can helping human beings.”

Greg spends his days in his workshop. Beetle has proven to be the best assistant and shop dog around:

Beetle is so sweet and gentle and very intelligent and he makes me laugh. It hasn’t taken long for Beetle to feel that this is his home, within about three days. I am a self-employed furniture maker and antique furniture restorer, my shop is just steps away from the house. Beetle has a bed in the shop and a bed in the house, his bed in the house is right next to my bed.”

And, everywhere Greg goes, so does Beetle. What could be a better life for a dog?

“Beetle is with me all the time, I take him into the bank with me and Paris Farmers Union. When we go into Paris Farmers Union he shop lifts because their dog treats and bones are at dog level, it’s a riot. Beetle loved Thanksgiving and I know he is going to like Christmas just as much. Beetle is a very happy dog, he is always doing the butt and tail wag.”

Join us in wishing this dynamic duo a very merry, first Christmas together!