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12 Saves of Christmas: All Sato Rescue Dogs, Save #3

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2017 was quite a life-saving year through our collaboration with All Sato Rescue in Puerto Rico. For more than 4 years we have been working together to welcome satos from the island, where shelter euthanasia rates are incredibly high and adoption rates are incredibly low.

All Sato Rescue, a volunteer-run organization, works around-the-clock rescuing thousands of neglected and abandoned satos off the streets, often in need of immediate medical care. They place each dog into a loving foster home within their network of volunteers. Once they are medically ready to make the trip to the main land, we welcome them with open arms knowing they’ll find loving homes in our community.

This fall, when back-to-back hurricanes Irma and Maria hit, All Sato Rescue’s efforts were tremendously impacted. With no electricity, running water or flights off the island—their fosters continued to provide homeless pets with love and warmth, even when suffering themselves. Their compassion, determination and selflessness is something we admire and recognize every day. They are an amazing group of people, and we’re honored to call them partners, and to continue to save lives with them.

Since January 1st, we are proud to have welcomed 221 dogs from All Sato Rescue. Enjoy this collage of many of our 2017 satos, happy and healthy with homes to call their own:



For Cochi’s mom, Lara, her sato has changed her world:  “Adopting Cochi has brightened my world! I solely raised my two children for 16 years and after becoming an empty-nester June 2016, I’ve lived by myself. After giving myself a year of regrouping and rediscovery, I began my search for a small, adult dog to provide mutual companionship and adventures. After searching 5 months, I saw my new best friend at ARLGP!  Lulu holds me accountable for walking a couple times a day, we watch news and sports together, and she’s also my cooking assistant– more like the cleanup crew!”

For Sweet’s mom, Jodi, the collaboration to save lives hits home: “For Christmas, she already has some gifts that she’ll be able to unwrap and my kids will enjoy watching her shred the wrapping paper.  We are looking forward to having her here with us to create some wonderful memories during the holidays and all the other days of the year too.

We are so thankful that she was brought to Maine from Puerto Rico.  We kept thinking during the hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico, of how glad we were that she was safe in our home in Maine.  I kept thinking of how she could have been homeless and trying to survive the storm on her own if she was still down there.  We are grateful for all of the dedication, care and hard work by the All Sato Rescue group to help so many homeless animals even though the rescuers themselves were dealing with the devastating effects of the hurricane.  We are also so glad that the ARLGP have partnered with All Sato Rescue to bring dogs up north so that they can find loving homes.  It is so heartwarming to know that there are so many people working to help animals in need. We love Sweets very much.  She brightens our day and makes us smile.  We can’t thank you enough for all the work you do to help animals like Sweets become important members of so many families’ lives.”

Join us in thanking All Sato Rescue and our adopters of these sweet satos. We hope each and every one is enjoying the holidays with their new families.